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About Musicbox Player ?

Musicbox is embedded with Flash Audio Players/Flash Video Player/Real Player/Windows Media Player/Quick Time Player and any other audio/video players can be embedded very easily upon request, Its like your users clicks on songs links and it opens a popup window with customised embedded player with your advertisement banner and plays the song with songs information. Most of the Musicbox Embedded Players are developed using flash which shows album cover and song title in the embedded player, All brand new exclusive features.

Features ?

With every purchase, you will get Musicbox players with .fla files with full source code so you can modify them the look and feel.
Complete Automatic Update Music System.

Player Features Flash Players Real Player Windows Media Player
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Increase/Decrease Increase/Decrease Increase/Decrease
Artist Info Shows
Yes Yes Yes
Album Info Shows
Yes Yes Yes
Song Info Shows
Yes Yes Yes
Switch Shuffle
Switch Repeat
Some PlayersON/OFF YES
Total Time
DisplayedDisplayed Displayed
One click Play
Yes Yes Yes
One click Stop
Yes Yes Yes
One Click Pause
Yes Yes Yes
One Click previous
Yes Yes Yes
One Click Next
Yes Yes Yes
Change Player Skins
No Yes No
Shows Album Cover
Yes Yes No
Shows Album Rating
Yes Yes No
Audio Supports Supports Supports
Plays Mp3
Yes Yes Yes
Plays Ram No Yes No
Plays Rpm No Yes No
Plays RM No Yes No
Plays Wma No Yes Yes
Plays asf No Yes Yes
Plays Smil No YesNo
Plays Flv Yes No No
Plays Mpeg No Yes Yes
Plays Midi No Yes Yes
Plays Wav No Yes Yes
Advanced Features SupportsSupportsSupports
Creates Temporary Files YesYesYes
Put Ads in first/last clip N/A Available in version 3.3N/A
Album Photo Available in version 3.3 + Available in version 3.3 + Available in version 3.3 +
Song Rating Available in version 3.3 + Available in version 3.3 + Available in version 3.3 +
Song Position Clip Available in version 3.3 + Available in version 3.3 + N/A
Hide Songs Source Available in version 3.3 + Available in version 3.3 +Available in version 3.3 +
Display Ads Banners SupportedSupportedSupported
Player Skins N/A Set as Default,Preview N/A
Remote Server files
Supported Supported Supported
Whats New Functions FunctionsFunctions
New! Songs Url Hidden Hidden Hidden
Set Default Embedded Player From Admin Control Panel From Admin Control PanelFrom Admin Control Panel

Looking for demo just visit demo page,once you open demo just click on any song link it will play in embedded player

Free Installation ?
Yes,thats right! we offer free installation with every purchase of Musicbox.
Already Purchased Musicbox,ask for free Installation here >>

Software Requirements
You will need PHP 4.3.6 or better (4.3+ highly recommended) to operate the software on your server. Any and MySQL 3.22 or better (4.0.15+ recommended).